Palazzo di Propaganda Fide



The palace is located in Piazza di Spagna, designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, then Francesco Borromini. Since 1626, it has housed the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and since 1929 is an extraterritorial property of the Holy See. St Oliver Plunkett was a Professor in the original College of Propaganda.


    San Pietro in Montorio



Located in Piazza S. Pietro in Montorio, 2 is the Franciscan Church on the Janiculum where the seventeenth century Ulster Earls, O’Neill and O’Donnell and members of their families and followers are buried. Earls’ tomb stones are on the left of the nave immediately before the principal altar. This Church is located near to what was once believed to the the site of the martydom of St Peter and it was Cardinal Paul Cullen’s titular church.


    Santo Stefano Rotondo



It is the round Church located on the street of the same name where Donatus O’Brien, the son of Brian Boru, is buried. It contains striking depictions of the deaths of several early Christian martyrs. It is ten minutes walk from Villa Irlanda.       





It is located on Via degli Artisti 41 (near Piazza Berberini), has been home to the Irish Franciscans since the seventeenth century. Luke Wadding, the only Irishman, believed to have received votes in a papal election and co-founder of the Irish College, is buried before the main altar in the Chapel. One of the side chapels is by Bernini.


       San Clemente



The church is the home of the Irish Dominicans in Rome, is located on Via San Giovanni in Laterano, the parallel to Via dei Santi Quattro. The early Christian and pre-Christian excavations under the baroque basilica are among the most remarkable in Rome.


  The Chapel of San Columbanus



The chapel is dedicated to the most celebrated Irish Saint in Italy and is located in the crypt under St Peter’s Basilica near the tomb of St Peter.  The chapel contains a mosaic depiction of the Saint and his monks in addition to depictions of Bangor (his birth place) and Bobbio (where he is buried).


      Sant’Agata dei Goti



The church was the home to the Irish College for over a century. It is located on Via Mazzerino, 16 (near Via Nazionale) and contains depictions of several Irish Saints. It was Cardinal John D’Alton’s titular Church. Daniel O’Connell’s heart was buried in this Church. Blessed Columba Marmion was ordained a priest in Sant Agata.


 St Patrick’s Church



Located on via Buoncompagni, 31 (near Via Veneto) was the home of the Irish Augustinian community in Rome. It was the titular Church of several Irish Cardinals, including Cardinal William Conway, Cardinal Tomás O Fiach and Cardinal Cahal Daly.


   San Silvestro in Capite



Located on Piazza San Silvestro, is administered by the priests and brothers of the Irish Province of the Pallottines. The church is known as “in capite” because it boasts the head of Saint John the Baptist as a relic. It was the titular Church of Cardinal Desmond Connell.


 Santi Quirico e Giulitta



The Church is located on via Tor de’ Conti, 31/a, is located close to the Roman Forum and is the titular Church of Cardinal Seán Brady. Andrew Plunkett, a student of the Irish College and a cousin of St Oliver, was buried in this Church.